Christine Brown Claims Kody Accused Her of ‘Bullying’ the Other Sister Wives

Image Credit: TLC

Christine Brown and Kody Brown are never going to see eye-to-eye. In the October 15 episode of Sister Wives, the exes continue to exchange barbs about each other. “Kody accused me of bullying my sister wives, and basically that’s code for he’s accusing me of bullying Robyn [Brown],” Christine, 51, says.

Kody, 54, responds to Christine’s accusation in a confessional and doesn’t hold back. “I never actually accused Christine of bullying. She was just a crap sister wife. She was just trash-talking Janelle [Brown] and Meri [Brown] all the time.”

Later, as Kody reflects on his estranged relationships with some of his older children, he points the finger at Christine. “This is a divorce, and in most senses, a divorce is a civil war. So she’s just feeding flames in a civil war, and I think she’s got some terrible karma coming,” Kody says about Christine.

Kody Brown in the October 15 episode. (TLC)

He later claims that “Christine forced herself” into his life. “She basically insisted that we be married. I don’t care that she’s leaving. It hurt initially, but I’m fine. Just stop trash-talking me to my kids,” he adds.

During the episode, Christine celebrates her “ex-anniversary” with Janelle, 54, and some of her friends. However, she does admit that she’s “still jaded” about her split from Kody. She’s a “little bit frustrated” about everything’s turned out because she sees her marriage ending as a “failure.”

Kody and Christine split in 2021 after 27 years in a spiritual marriage. Christine met her now-husband David Woolley a year later on a dating site. They got engaged in April 2023 and got married just a handful of months later on October 7.

In the season 18 premiere, Kody and Christine sat down for the first in-person conversation since she left. Kody admitted that he’d had “anger issues” about their relationship ending. He brought up going to counseling, but that never happened.

In the aftermath of her split from Kody, Christine has been a sounding board for her kids and Janelle as she figures out her own future with Kody. New episodes of Sister Wives air Sundays on TLC.


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