Ebon Moss-Bachrach Reveals He Doesn’t Always Have Strong Reaction to ‘The Bear’ Fans Calling Him ‘Cousin’

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Admittedly, it does sound like it would be exhausting to hear people yell out the same word all day long. Ebon Moss-Bachrach, who plays the beloved character Richie Jerimovich on FX’s The Bear, admitted that it can get tiring to have fans of the show constantly yell “cousin,” as Jeremy Allen White‘s Carmy character does, when he’s out and about. Ebon, 47, opened up about his experience with the success in a new interview with The Guardian, published on Wednesday, June 19.

If  you’ve somehow missed out on the excellent series The Bear, Ebon plays the manager of Carmy’s restaurant. Richie is also a longtime family friend, close enough that Carmy calls him “cousin.” When they speak to each other, Carmy rarely even calls him “Richie,” instead referring to him as “cousin.” Even when he gets heated, he’s still using the “cousin” title. In turn, it seems like a lot of fans have used that to call out to Ebon.

Ebon admitted that occasionally, he does get tired of constantly hearing his name from the show yelled out. “I get a lot of comments. People yell ‘cousin!’ at me all day,” he told The Guardian. “Sometimes, you know, you’re just not having a great day. And it’s just like: I’m sorry, man, I don’t have much for you.”

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Earlier in the discussion, Ebon revealed that he has been surprised in some of the places that fans of the show have approached him. “I was on top of a little mountain outside Kyoto and a Korean couple came up to me and were saying how much they love the show,” he explained.

Even though Ebon’s character is one of the standouts on the show, Jeremy has certainly captured the zeitgeist, and become a bit of a heartthrob for fans online. The Punisher actor admitted that he does everything he can to stand by the Shameless star. “I mean, I’m not even sure I can say I’m happy for him. Because he thinks it’s all quite ridiculous. So, no, I try to support him. And I basically try to protect him when the fans get really excited,” he said.

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