Cheaky Ts by Lizzy Capri: Pioneering a Trail for Women in Entrepreneurship

Image Credit: Lizzy Capri

The fashion industry, a consistently thriving giant of creativity and influence, has traditionally been an arena where beauty standards and unattainable aesthetic ideals reigned supreme. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that fashion used to be dominated by a homogenous narrative that idolized a certain look and body type, disregarding anything that didn’t fit the preferred mold. 

However, as the winds of change swept across every crevice of the 21st-century existence, they did not spare the fashion industry. While many established brands are still clinging to traditional beauty norms, there are those who dare to challenge the status quo. For them, fashion is not about style statements but about igniting a social revolution, one that values authenticity, diversity, and personal liberty over what used to be defined as “perfection.”

One such brand challenging the norms and championing this transformative movement is Chicks in the Sticks, spearheaded by 29-year-old former TV presenter and entrepreneur Lizzy Capri. Capri, who was once an internet sensation with over 7 million subscribers on her children’s content YouTube channel, is certainly no novice to the digital or the business frontier.

A beloved and prolific creator, she spent five years in her previous niche, establishing herself as a true force to be reckoned with. Still reminiscing about these days and the decision to make a sharp pivot in her professional endeavors, Capri reveals feeling “overwhelmed” and burned out. She describes it as something akin to a ‘dead end,’ in which she found herself dissatisfied with where her career was going.

“I felt the need to redefine myself and rediscover who I truly am. I didn’t want to spend my time doing things I wasn’t passionate about or didn’t enjoy,” she says.

This sentiment and the ongoing cost of living crisis motivated Capri to take a step back and think about what she really wanted to do in life.

As a relentless advocate for female empowerment as well as gender equality and inclusivity in the fashion and content creation industry, she went on to establish CHEAKy Ts—a progressive and edgy apparel brand and podcast that goes against corporate norms and aims to inspire people to liberate themselves from the shackles of societal expectations and embrace their authentic selves.

“My goal with Chicks in the Sticks is to ignite a spark of personal growth among my audience while ensuring we all have fun along the way,” says Capri. “I aim to provide insightful, relatable, and actionable content across several platforms. Above all else, I want to pave the way to a world of brand-new opportunities for the women who have shown me such care and support in my own journey.”

As an apparel brand, Cheaky Ts is undoubtedly more than just a tired fashion statement; it’s a declaration of self-acceptance and bold exploration. Capri emphasizes that the idea behind it is not simply to dress bodies but to inspire minds and boost confidence.

That said, the brand is about so much more than fashion. While Capri cites “immeasurable” excitement about the profound impact Cheaky Ts is bound to leave on this dynamic industry, its mission extends into Capri’s efforts to create a vast online community, one that’s inclusive and welcoming, particularly for other women fighting for their rightful space in the business world.

Envisioned as a catalyst for change and an equitable future, the Chicks in the Sticks is committed to pursuing dreams without limitations imposed by stereotypes. As Capri explains, the podcast engages its audience through various mediums, including thought-provoking conversations, captivating stories, and viral videos.

“The content is designed to resonate with people on their unique journeys, reflecting a diverse range of personal experiences,” she says. “We feature interviews with many influential women and discuss topics pertinent to our lives as women in the modern era. I think that by challenging social norms and advocating for gender equality, we can bring about lasting change.”

As a disruptive force in fashion, Cheaky Ts has certainly left an indelible mark. Its impact can be seen not just in its growing popularity but also in the ripple effects it has created within the fashion industry. More importantly, however, Capri’s story of change, growth, and self-discovery is nothing short of inspirational for other women entrepreneurs.

Passionate and ambitious, unwavering in her dedication to inspiring others to embrace their authentic selves and remain steadfast with their own goals and dreams, Lizzy Capri has pushed the boundaries of what fashion – and business as a whole – can be: inclusive and empowering stylish yet substance-filled.

In Capri’s own words, “Change is a beautiful process and should be celebrated. Together, I believe we can rewrite the rules, celebrate the freedom to be who we are, and inspire a brighter, more equitable future for everyone.”


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