Skincare ingredient innovations celebrated at the in-cosmetics Asia Awards

Skincare ingredient innovations celebrated at the in-cosmetics Asia Awards

Skincare innovation came under the spotlight at this year’s in-cosmetics Asia Awards in both the active ingredient and functional ingredient categories. The leading event for the cosmetic and personal care community in the Asia-Pacific region also celebrated the most outstanding achievements with the Spotlight On Formulation Award in the ‘Sustainable, Conscious Beauty’ and ‘Love is in the Hair’’ categories.

At in-cosmetics Asia, which was held on 07-09 November 2023 at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC), in Thailand, the expert judging panel [1] have awarded accolades for the Innovation Zone Best Active Ingredient and the Innovation Zone Best Functional Ingredient awards, plus the Spotlight On Awards.

Active Ingredient Award

Immunight by Lucas Meyer Cosmetics has been honoured with the Gold Active Ingredient Award for its green-processed oil-soluble lavandin extract, specifically designed to reduce the effects of poor-quality sleep on skin by boosting night time skin recovery and targeting the improvement of sleep quality by inhalation of olfactory compounds.

The Silver Award was awarded to Codif which impressed the judges with its Regetaste – an anti-ageing epidermal ingredient that improves skin texture and brightness.

Rahn AG has received the Bronze Award for its water-based extraction of Helichrysum italicum syn angustifolium, chlorogenic acid, and di-O-caffeoylquinic acids, Perfeline, to strengthen the micro-vessels in human skin.

Functional Ingredient Award

In the Functional Ingredient Award category, Emulium Dermolea MB earned Gattefossé the Gold Award. As a plant-based O/W emulsifier, this functional ingredient offers a unique lipidic composition rich in sterols and triterpenes to reduce skin stress and bring long-term soothing.

Softisan MagicPowder S by IOI Oleo scooped up the Silver Award for its cold-processable transforming ingredient allowing simple powder-to-emulsion on-the-go formulas with soft after-feel.

Also highly commended for its achievements, Bentone Plus Glow won Elementis the Bronze Award, combining natural ingredients designed to impart rheological control and suspension to the oil phase of cosmetics and skin care products and promote the skin’s barrier function.

Spotlight on Formulation Award

in-cosmetics Asia also provided a platform for attendees to celebrate outstanding achievements through the Spotlight On Formulation Award in the Sustainable, Conscious Beauty and Love is in the Hair (Haircare) categories. The awards saw 39 entries reviewed by judges live on the show floor, marking an exciting journey to discover this year’s winners:

The Bronze Award for Sustainable, Conscious Beauty went to BioSyn-Bisabolol by China-based Soho Aneco Chemicals, whilst Silver was awarded to Lotion with Neosolue-Aqulio by Japanese company, Nippon Fine Chemical.

Described by one of the judges as “an outstanding innovative achievement for 5% UV Filters with SPF30, with a good feel, great double layered encapsula and technology with particle aggregate prevention”, the Gold Award went to SunCat JCW03 by Taiwanese BIO-NEST Biochemical Technology.

Competition was fierce in the “Love is in the Hair” (haircare) category with two Gold Award winners announced:

Burgeon-Up(HS) by Ichimaru Pharcos from Japan took the first accolade for a product that, according to one of the judges was, “a great topical cosmos option for hair greying, with a dual function for anti-hair loss and anti-grey hair”. Azelis was awarded Gold for its Detox Scalp Butter Mask, referred to by the judges as a “really trendy, easy to use multifunctional with a lovely end formula and texture.


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