Robyn Brown Reveals She & Her Kids Weren’t Invited to Christine’s Birthday Party: ‘It Stings’

Image Credit: TLC

Christine Brown celebrates her 50th birthday in the November 5 episode of Sister Wives. Her kids are all invited, as well as Janelle Brown. However, Kody Brown and Robyn Brown were snubbed from the party.

“Kody and I and our kids were not invited to Christine’s birthday party,” Robyn, 45, says. “It’s really hard for my kids and I when we found out that the family is gathering and doing things. It stings when we find out.” 

It’s no surprise that Christine, now 51, didn’t invite Kody, 54, given their current relationship status. Christine does explain why she didn’t invite Robyn and the kids to her family gathering.

“I think it would be great to have Robyn’s kids here because they should see their siblings, and Ysabel would be so flipping excited,” Christine says. “She would love it. But this isn’t the place for a reunion like that anyway.”

Christine Brown on ‘Sister Wives.’ (TLC)

During Christine’s 1950s-themed party, Mykelti Brown reveals to Janelle that she’s expecting twins. Janelle, 54, bursts into tears over the exciting news. “I’m excited and surprised, and it’s just everything,” Janelle gushes. Janelle goes on to say that Christine’s party “feels like a big declaration of independence in a way for this new life that she’s got.”

Despite the current Brown family situation, Christine has expressed her willingness to take part in a family reunion in the future. “I would do a family reunion again just to get the kids together. Absolutely. I wouldn’t have great conversations with Meri or Robyn or Kody,” she said in the October 22 episode.

However, Kody openly admitted that he would “never” want to do a family reunion after Christine’s “trash-talking.” While Robyn says she’s hurt over not being invited to Christine’s birthday party, she was previously reluctant about getting the family together. “I feel like doing something like that when things aren’t resolved and worked through is just asking for trouble and fights,” she said. New episodes of Sister Wives air Sundays on TLC.


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