The Best CBD Pet Products of 2023 So Far

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CBD for pets has been growing increasingly popular in recent years. Whether you are considering giving your furry friend CBD for its calming effects, pain reduction, or any of its other potential benefits, it’s important to give them only the highest quality products.

Third-party lab test results give you a closer look at exactly what is in the CBD product you are purchasing. From solvent and pesticide testing to all rare cannabinoids present and at what levels, you can see exactly what is in each product you are considering purchasing. There are a ton of CBD pet treats and CBD oils for pets to choose from these days, but starting with the most reliable products can make your search significantly easier.

Top Three CBD Products for Pets of 2023 So Far

If you are looking to add CBD oil to your pet’s routine, check out these top third-party lab tested CBD products made for pets:

1.   Casper’s Oil Full Spectrum 1000 Pets

This tincture tests extremely accurately to the label claim of 1000 mg of CBD. It also contains a wide range of hemp cannabinoids, such as CBC, CBG, CBL, CBN, and CBT, making it a full-spectrum product. It passed all residual and solvent testing and it’s very affordable $0.06 per mg of CBD. All of Casper’s Oil’s products are USDA Organic Certified, so this is a great choice for those looking for a trustworthy CBD oil for pets.

2.   Dad Grass CBD Dog Bones

These CBD dog treats are some of the only other CBD pet products we’ve tested that contain cannabinoids other than CBD. They contain trace amounts of minor cannabinoids such as delta-9 THC, CBC, and CBG. Dad Grass CBD Dog Bones are also fairly inexpensive as far as CBD pet treats go, at only $0.29 per mg of CBD.Give these a try if you’re looking for an easy and tasty way to give your dog some CBD.

3.   ABSC Organics CBD Oil for Small Dogs 300 mg

This CBD Oil for Small Dogs from ABSC Organics earned a “highly recommended” rating from our expert CBD review staff. Not only does this product test above the label claim for CBD, but it also contains 13 mg of d9-THC, 38 mg of CBDa, 9 mg of CBG, and 42 mg of CBC! You can find plenty of positive reviews on ABSC’s website , which are a testament to this product’s quality! If you have a small dog that you think might benefit from CBD, this is definitely worth giving a shot!

Discover the Best CBD for Your Pets with Real Tested CBD!

When it comes to any product we give our pets, it is always important to shop for the best. The easiest way to do that, when it comes to CBD, is to rely on third-party lab test results. These tests give you an unbiased look into what exactly is in any given CBD product, including cannabinoid levels and the results of solvent and pesticide testing.

At Real Tested CBD, the most reliable third-party lab test results and unbiased product reviews are brought directly to you, making it easy to make an informed purchase. Whether you are searching for high quality CBD pet treats or CBD oil for pets, look no further than Real Tested CBD!


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