Robyn Brown’s Daughter Breanna Cries Over Family Rift as Savanah Reveals They ‘Ignore’ Each Other at School

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Kody Brown’s fractured family dynamic continues to have an impact on his children. In the October 15 episode of Sister Wives, Savanah Brown and Breanna Brown open up about the demise of their sibling relationship in the midst of the family chaos.

Savanah, 18, who is Janelle Brown’s daughter, explains to Christine Brown that she sees Breanna, 18, nearly every day since they go to the same high school. “I don’t talk to her,” Savanah says about Breanna, Robyn Brown’s daughter. “We just kind of ignore each other.”

For the first time this season, Breanna opens up about how she’s feeling about everything. “Me and Savanah, you know, we’re decent to each other,” she says. “It wasn’t like super great and close because, during COVID, people had different opinions about the rules, so we just didn’t know what to do with each other, so we kind of kept our distance.”

Breanna Brown cries over losing contact with some of her siblings. (TLC)

Breanna begins to cry over the loss of her relationship with Savanah. “I kind of just feel shocked and confused and like she doesn’t care,” she admits. “I don’t know what the right word is. It kind of just broke my heart a little ’cause, you know, I grew up with her. I grew up with all of them.”

As Breanna continues to break down in tears, she asks the producers to stop filming. Breanna’s older sister, Aurora, is sitting next to her and comforts her.

“Savanah and Breanna have no relationship. They sort of say hi,” Janelle, 54, says, before adding, “No. No, they don’t even do that. They ignore each other in the halls.”

Gabe Brown, one of Janelle’s sons, reveals that he does see Aurora at school sometimes and speaks to her. “Personally, Gabe has been nothing but kind,” Aurora says.

Christine, 51, calls the whole situation “heartbreaking.” As they make dinner, Savanah reveals to Christine that she’s always had a “hard time” with the siblings her age, especially with Robyn’s kids.

Savanah recently spent time with Kody, 54, along with Christine’s daughter Truely. Christine acknowledges that everything with Kody and the family is a bit “strange” right now given all that’s going on. “Honestly, it doesn’t bother me because it’s been so long that he’s been absent that I don’t even notice, I don’t even really realize that he’s not around,” Savanah says about her own father. New episodes of Sister Wives air Sundays on TLC.

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Janelle is in Flagstaff, AZ, on Sister Wives.


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