‘Love Is Blind’ Season 5 Reunion: Who Is Still Together, Who Cheated & More Revelations

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Nearly a year and a half after filming came to an end, almost all of your Love Is Blind season 5 cast members came together to give updates on their lives and address all the drama. Love proved to be blind for one special couple. However, the rest of the couples were not meant to be.

Milton Johnson, Lydia Velez Gonzalez, Izzy Zapata, Stacy Snyder, Johnie Maraist, Chris Fox, Aaliyah Cosby, Taylor Rue, and JP Pierce sat down to reveal the status of their relationships, where they stand with certain cast members today, and more. HollywoodLife has answered all of your burning questions about the Love Is Blind season 5 reunion.

Are Lydia and Milton Still Together?

Yes, Lydia and Milton are still together and happily married. They are the only Love Is Blind season 5 couple to get married. “Two years ago, I could have never imagined feeling this way,” Milton gushed about his relationship. “It’s beautiful.”

Lydia and Milton during the season 5 reunion. (Netflix)

Lydia and Milton ended up having a second wedding celebration in Puerto Rico, where Lydia is from. As for their future plans, Milton and Lydia didn’t mention babies, but he did say, “You should look at our 401 (k).”

Are Izzy and Stacy Still Together?

No, Izzy and Stacy are not together. After Stacy said she couldn’t marry Izzy at their wedding, they didn’t reconcile.

“At first, we just agreed to take some time for ourselves,” Stacy explained. “Like, let’s not talk. Let’s not see each other, just take time for yourself, whatever that entails, and we’ll meet up at some point to chat. And we did. It was probably a week or two after that.”

They went out on a date and talked at Stacy’s place. “And something just in my gut just knew something was off. And I just asked, I was like, ‘Are you even feeling this?’ And she just said, like, she didn’t, and she couldn’t right now,” Izzy said. He admitted that he was “so mad” at Stacy after that because he thought they were going to give their relationship a try.

Izzy and Stacy didn’t talk for a year, but then they ran into each other in Houston. They were able to reconnect and have a “great friendship” now. They acknowledged that they “want the best for each other.” Izzy and Stacy are now dating other people.

Are Johnie and Chris Still Together?

No, Johnie and Chris are not together anymore. During the reunion, Chris revealed that he actually cheated on Johnie shortly after her birthday weekend. He went out of town for a wedding and began seeing someone else while still technically dating Johnie.

Chris and Johnie during the season 5 reunion. (Netflix)

Chris admitted that he didn’t “handle the situation as someone would properly. But I did find someone who I now live with, and I love, and we’re very happy together, and I’m sorry if that hurts to hear, but the whole experiment is to find yourself and then find someone who accepts you for who you are. And that’s what I found, and so I wouldn’t change that for anything.”

Chris acknowledged that he feels “terrible” for cheating on Johnie. “I know I was wrong, I felt guilty and heartbroken, and as many emotions as I could ‘cause I did fall in love with you, and I still care for you,” he told Johnie. “It’s a terrible, terrible thing to do. It’s probably one of my biggest regrets is not being forthcoming with you.”

Chris apologized to Johnie for his actions, and they are now on good terms. Chris has found love, and Johnie has been dating someone else for over a year now.

Johnie and Izzy also revealed that they tried hanging out and reconnecting after filming ended. They kissed, but they never had “sexual relations.”

What Happened With Aaliyah and Uche?

During her appearance in the Love Is Blind season 5 reunion, Aaliyah revealed that she and Uche did date after filming, but their relationship ended for “many reasons.” Aaliyah said that she thought she wasn’t the type of woman Uche “normally found attractive.” She also didn’t like the “very mean” and “condescending” tone Uche continued to have with her. (Note: Uche chose not to take part in the season 5 reunion.)

The cast was asked whether anyone keeps in contact with Uche. Lydia and Aaliyah actually got the same exact text from Uche the day the show premiered. Milton added that Uche texted him on his wedding day, but he didn’t respond.

Aaliyah also got the chance to clear the air with Lydia about the Uche situation. Aaliyah said she heard rumors Lydia and Uche discussed coming on the show together. “In terms of Uche and I, we had a conversation of two seconds in November of 2021.” Lydia said she and her ex talked about seeing the casting for Love Is Blind, but “that was it.” She added, “I had no confirmation that Uche was gonna be there.”

Aaliyah and Taylor during the season 5 reunion. (Netflix)

Milton defended his wife when the Uche drama was brought up. “My wife is a fantastic woman. She motivates me to be better every day,” Milton said. “I think the accusations, whatever anybody says, I don’t truthfully know Aaliyah, but I would say, I do know Uche, and I do know how he presented himself to me. We were never friends. We were never peers. He was interestingly obsessed with my relationship with Lydia, and I didn’t know why…”

Since her relationship with Uche ended, Aaliyah has found a new love. She gushed that she’s in a “beautiful, loving relationship now” after meeting this special someone on an R&B cruise.

What Happened Between JP and Taylor?

JP and Taylor’s relationship didn’t survive the getaways, and they got the chance to talk for the first time since their breakup. Naturally, the issue of JP insulting Taylor about her makeup was brought up.

“I don’t think he was attracted to me from the second we met each other. He gave me zero validation,” Taylor said. She told JP to his face that he “belittled” her. JP apologized to Taylor for fumbling his words regarding how she looked with makeup. “I forgive you. We’re human. We make mistakes. But learn from it. Don’t do that to another girl,” Taylor told her ex-fiancé.

When asked if he was not physically attracted to Taylor, JP said that “the first time I saw her, it was a little shocking and off-putting.” He said that Taylor’s makeup was “kind of fake.”

JP and Taylor were not meant to be, but they have started seeing other people. JP has been dating a girl for about a year now, while Taylor is seeing somebody, but it’s not official yet.

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