Best CBD Products for Sleep of 2023 So Far

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When shopping for CBD products to help you get a better night’s sleep, you should be able to trust that every oil, edible, and topical you come across is legit. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. That’s why Real Tested CBD displays third-party lab test results and unbiased reviews for all of today’s leading CBD products on our website: to help you find CBD you can trust. Whether you’re searching for CBD for your pet, CBD sleep aids, or any other CBD products you can always turn to our website for a bit of guidance.

CBD or CBN as a Sleep Aid?

Although more research into the correlation between CBD and sleep is needed, it is primarily believed that CBD can help you sleep better by decreasing anxiety. Through its interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), CBD has been shown to have a calming effect on the nervous system. This can also help one fall asleep sooner and for longer.

CBN, another naturally occurring cannabinoid, is also believed to have sedative properties that could be useful as both a sleep aid and pain relief tool. For optimal results, you might want to consider shopping for a product that contains both CBD and CBN. In fact, a full-spectrum CBD product could also be a good option. Many scientists believe that CBD is most effective when it interacts with the other major cannabinoids to produce the “entourage effect.”

Top Three CBD Products for Sleep of 2023 So Far

1.   Butler Hemp Co. Full-Spectrum Sleep Blend CBD Oil

This CBD oil from Butler Hemp Co. that has been formulated to improve sleep contains over 2,200 mg of CBD, over 1,000 mg of CBG, and over 150mg of CBN, in addition to plenty of other cannabinoids! It is also one of the least expensive sleep-focused CBD oils that we have tested coming in at only $0.03/mg of CBD! You’d be hard-pressed to find a tincture that contains such an array of cannabinoids for this low of a price!

2.   Dad Grass Nighttime Formula CBD + CBN Tincture

This CBD + CBN tincture that was specifically formulated to aid sleep has passed pesticide testing and tests very accurately to the label claim. It contains 1,200 mg of CBD, 152 mg of CBN, and 22 mg of CBG. It comes in the same clever packaging we’ve come to expect from Dad Grass and, at $0.05 per mg of CBD, it’s a very affordable product.

3.   SunMed CBD Full-Spectrum CBN Vegan Gummies

These vegan-friendly, full-spectrum CBN gummies from SunMed contain every cannabinoid that we look for in a full-spectrum product! These CBN gummies passed pesticide testing, taste great, and contain 165 mg of CBN! Among the various cannabinoids included, is a blend of valerian root, and lavender essential oils, with linalool at the center of its terpene profile. This is a fantastic CBD gummy product!

Find CBD Sleep Aids You Can Trust with Real-Tested CBD

It is always a good idea to rely on third-party lab test results to find a high-quality CBD product for sleep. Turning to independent lab test results and unbiased brand reviews is the best way to ensure you are purchasing a safe, reliable, and effective product.

Check out Real Tested CBD for all the guidance, reviews, and third-party lab test results you need to make an informed CBD sleep aid purchase today!


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