‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Wells Adams Addresses Sam’s Ongoing ‘Poop Baby’ Situation

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Sam Jefferies’ time in Paradise isn’t so perfect. During the October 12 episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Sam is told she may have to leave the show because she’s “going on nine days of no pooping.” Sam’s tried everything, but nothing is working. If she doesn’t poop by the next morning — there’s a timer and everything — the doctor explains she’ll have to deliver “poop baby.”

Naturally, bartender Wells Adams has to bear witness to all the ups and downs in Paradise. HollywoodLife spoke exclusively with the reality star about Sam’s ongoing poop situation.

“The irony of it all is that in Mexico, usually, it’s the opposite issue where people get Montezuma’s Revenge, and they are out,” Wells, 39, explained. “Usually every season you’ll see that some people aren’t at rose ceremonies just because they can’t get out of bed because they’ve just been pooping. This one’s very unique because we’ve never had this issue before. Like, do you want a glass of tap water? We can fix this real quick.”

He continued, “But here’s the thing though. I talked to that doctor who went down because he also helps me when I’m not feeling well. We all kind of deal with it with that doctor. He’s a super sweet guy. I was talking to him and I was like, ‘Is this really a serious thing?’ He was like, ‘This is not good. We’re making light of this, but this is really not good. Like, she needs to go the bathroom.’ So it’s funny, but then it’s also not funny.”

Sam doesn’t want to have to leave the show, but she’s literally on a timer. “It’s like a weird, analogous thing where she doesn’t want to go, so she can’t go. It’s a weird, beautifully poetic situation, I suppose,” Wells said.

Meanwhile, Will Urena just can’t seem to catch a break with Mercedes Northup. He’s serious about her, but she’s explaining all of her options.

“I love Will. He is truly there for the right reason and wants to get engaged. He wears his heart on his sleeve. I wish I had known really how it was going down because I don’t really know everything. I just hear from other people, but I wish I had been like, ‘Hey, man. I think that your problem is that you don’t play it cool. I need you to play it cool a little bit.’”

Wells gives Will some advice on the show, but the Best in Dough host wishes he could have given him more of a pep talk. “He’s just a really honest, really emotionally intelligent man. Some women are not ready for that,” Wells noted about Will.

Wells Adams is the bartender on ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ (ABC)

Wells is also “one hundred percent” on board with a Golden Bachelor in Paradise following the success of The Golden Bachelor. He has an entire “vision” that includes the season taking place in Florida, Scottsdale [Arizona], or Palm Springs.

“I need dates to be like shuffleboard courts, a two-on-one at a bingo situation. Whoever wins the bingo gets the rest of the date or whatnot. I need a pickleball date for sure. I need dinners when they go on their romantic date during the daytime. It’s 4:30, the early bird special. I need when someone doesn’t get a rose and has to go home, I need them to leave on a golf cart. I think that my drink station will have all the beers and all the wines, but it also needs to have like Mylanta and Pepto and other drinks that can keep them regular.”

Sounds like Sam could use some of that on Bachelor in Paradise. Season 9 airs Thursdays on ABC.

BACHELOR IN PARADISE – ABC’s “Bachelor in Paradise” stars Rachel Recchia. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

BACHELOR IN PARADISE – ABC’s “Bachelor in Paradise” stars Olivia Lewis. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

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