Kim Kardashian Seemingly Teases Sister Kendall Jenner’s Cucumber Chopping on ‘American Horror Story’

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American Horror Story: Delicate might have just taken a dig at Kendall Jenner’s meme-worthy cucumber chopping moment through her own sister Kim Kardashian! It appears that Kim’s character, Siobhan, was given the honors to mock Kendall, 27, in the latest episode. 

AHS fans learned that Emma Roberts’ character, Anna, suffered a miscarriage, which prompted Siobhan to support her in the episode that aired on Ocotober 5. As she arrived, Kim, 42, told Emma’s character she should eat actual food. The camera then zoomed in on Kim perfectly cutting up a cucumber. 

Emma’s character even applauded Kim for her knife expertise, saying, “This is orgasmic,” to which Kim replied, “It’s the Green Goddess dressing that went viral on TikTok.”

In response to the scene, fans took to X — previously known as Twitter — to praise the show’s clever pop cultural reference. 

“Them having Kim cut this cucumber on AHS is hilarious. I know Kendall is cracking up,” one fan wrote. “Kim cutting the cucumber normally to troll Kendall in #AHS is too funny,” another added. “Stop it, not them making Kim cut a cucumber in AHS. Kendall, eat your heart out,” a third quipped on the social media platform. 

Last year, fans of Hulu’s The Kardashians watched the hilarious moment when Kendall struggled to chop up a cucumber safely while talking to mom Kris Jenner. Even the 67-year-old momager asked her if she needed any help. 

“I’m definitely not a good cutter, so don’t zoom in on me,” Kendall told the crew who was filming her. “I’m not professional whatsoever.

Once the scene aired in 2022, Kendall’s kitchen moment became a viral meme. However, the 818 Tequila founder didn’t take the jokes to heart. Instead, she clarified during the recent season 4 premiere of The Kardashians that she isn’t insulted by the “this f**king cucumber thing.”  

“By the way, guys, I cut that cucumber safely,” Kendall noted during a confession. “So, anyone who says I can’t cut a cucumber — it was sliced, it was cut. People really think it’s, like, a diss now. It’s like, ‘You’re hanging out with her? She can’t even f–king cut a cucumber.’ You think that you’re offending me? Because you’re not. Like, who gives a s–t? Seriously.”


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