’90 Day Fiance’ Season 10 Premiere Preview: Ashley Declares That She’s A ‘Witch’

The flagship 90 Day Fiancé series returns with all-new couples on October 8. In this exclusive season 10 premiere preview, Ashley reveals to the world that she’s a practicing witch. Yes, you read that right — a witch!

“I am a witch. I’m a tarot reader. I am an astrologer. I specialize in shadow work,” the 31-year-old says in the sneak peek. “I think people are still very much afraid of the word ‘witch’ because we’ve been conditioned to believe that a witch is somebody with like a crooked nose, looking into their crystal ball, like throwing hexes on people. That’s not anything that I do.”

Ashley in the season 10 premiere. (TLC)

She explains that her family was religious growing up, but she is the “crazy one, the rebellious one.” Eventually, she started becoming involved in “the occult.” Ashley’s “spirituality guides every single part” of her life, which is what eventually led her to Ecuador.

Ashley reveals that she had a dream where she was in the jungle “working with the earth.” At the time, she was studying marine biology in college. When she talked to her biology teacher about her dream, a trip to Ecuador was brought up. Ashley decided to go to Ecuador, and that’s where she met Manuel, who works as a construction worker in the South American country.

Ashley and Manuel are one of the new couples of season 10. (TLC)

Ashley and Manuel, 34, ended up getting engaged despite their language barrier. Once Ashley’s schooling ended and she had to head back to the U.S., the couple broke up. It’s been a full decade since they ended things. However, Ashley and Manuel are now back together and engaged again. But can they make it work this time? Will love conquer all?

Ashley and Manuel are one of 6 couples that make up 90 Day Fiancé’s landmark season 10. The additional couples include Jasmine and Gino, Sophie and Robert, Justin and Nikki, Anali and Clayton, and Citra and Sam. Episodes of 90 Day Fiancé season 10 will air Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

Nikki, 47, and Justin, 36, met 17 years ago on a dating site in Moldova. Justin proposed to Nikki and came to the States on a K1 visa. The couple eventually broke up, and Justin returned to Moldova. Nikki identifies as transsexual now. They've come back into each ohter's lives nearly two decades later, and Nikki knows exactly what she wants. Seventeen years ago, Nikki and Justin met on a dating site in Moldova. Justin proposed to Nikki and ended up coming to the States on a K1 visa. Nikki had been holding back a secret and things took a turn when Nikki decided that Justin was not quite mature enough. The couple broke up and Justin returned to Moldova. Nikki identifies as transsexual, and it took years for Justin, now 36, to accept Nikki, now 47, as she truly is. They came back to each other's lives almost two decades later, and this time around, Nikki knows exactly what she wants.

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