Myria Creates a Concierge and Community Exclusively for the World’s Wealthiest

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Myria isn’t just an app — it’s an experience, according to the founder and CEO Rey Flemings. He wanted to create a global community for the world’s most successful people, offering in-person events and the ability to interact with one another within the app.

“From a lifestyle perspective, we have built a super-concierge which delivers out-of-this-world experiences that you can’t Google,” Flemings exclusively told HollywoodLife. “On the purchase side, we’re helping our clients lead happier, more fulfilled lives, and impact their communities and the world in more meaningful ways.”

Within the Myria app, there are four navigation tabs. The first is the ‘Dream’ feed, which is a customized menu unique to the member. When they join Myria, members are asked to record their interests and passions. Those interests are sent anonymously to Myria’s global network of providers who create unique offers, especially for that member. The second tab includes a 24/7 chat where members can speak to the live concierge. The third tab is a status tab, which shows all their purchases, transactions, and anything else they are doing on the platform. Lastly, there is a community tab where you can see who other members are, invite mutual members to events, and share things with other members.

Flemings has plenty of experience in the early stages of technology and ultra-high net worth spaces, which was the perfect combination to recognize the need for Myria. He realized that the telltale saying money doesn’t buy happiness is deemed to be true for many elites, which motivated him to start the app. He believes that many celebrities and A-listers have more opportunities and access than non-famous, but very rich people.

“Money can’t buy everything. Our A-list clients have access at a level that the rich could never dream of. Even the richest man in the world has less access than the biggest recording artist or actors.”

Keep reading to find out more about the unique qualities of Myria — including the credentials to join, the endless perks, and how Rey envisions the business evolving — all exclusively from the CEO himself!

What are the credentials needed to join Myria?

“We want people who are kind and interesting to be around–someone you’d enjoy knowing socially. Our average member spends more than $1.1 million per year on their lifestyle and recreation and has a net worth north of $600 million. All members must be within the ultra-high net worth wealth designation, which is a minimum of $30 million.”

What is the app trying to accomplish?

“There’s high dissatisfaction among very successful people with their kind of concierge service providers. Wealth-X did a study and found that four out of five ultra-high-net-worth individuals are dissatisfied with their concierge. Another study from Bain found that 75 percent of ultra-high-net-worth individuals are willing to pay more for a better concierge. We built Myria to meet the demand.

A person who owns a $50 million vacation house with another $50 million in art and decor inside will never rent their home online to the general public. They wouldn’t want their home damaged. However, that owner might be happy to rent their property to a Myria member. The community features make it possible for members to access things unavailable anywhere else.”

How many members are on the app now and where do you see it evolving?

“Myria is exclusive and we plan to admit no more than 3% of the world’s ultra-high-net-worth individuals. We have a long waiting list approaching 1,000 names at this point. We will accept our 60th member by the end of September and reach 120 members by the end of the year. Myria is building a global club for the kindest, wealthiest, and most charitable people on the planet.

What are the biggest perks of Myria? 

“Myria unlocks a world of possibilities which are closed to most people. About 60 percent of our requests are for fun things like: impossible access to the world’s biggest events, a private meeting with a personal hero, or giving a gift that causes substantive, positive change for their favorite person, organization, or cause. The other 40 percent of our business is on the more serious side of life. Medical, health, wellness, security, hiring, or estate management.” 

Are there more celebrity members or non-celebrity members?

“Roughly 65 percent of our members are founders and CEOs, large companies including many globally recognized businesses. The remaining 35 percent are a mix of other occupations and backgrounds.”


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