Klorane choses Albéa’s paper-based tube for the repack of their baby cream

Klorane choses Albéa's paper-based tube for the repack of their baby cream

French dermo-cosmetic and pharmaceutical group Pierre Fabre Laboratories has worked hand-in-hand with Albéa Tubes to reinvent the new packaging of Klorane’s iconic baby care product: the organic Moisturising Cream with organic Calendula. For this repack, the brand has selected Albéa Tubes’ paper tube in its brown version. The tube integrates at least 50% FSC-certified paper.

Significant plastic reduction

The partly carton-based cosmetic tube provides significant plastic reduction by replacing it with a bio-based, certified paper-like material.

Combined with Albéa Tubes’ EcoFusion Top, the fusion of head and cap for further weight reduction, this tube reduces by 74% the amount of virgin plastic used for Klorane’s product, compared to its previous version.

Pierre Fabre and Albéa Tubes also say this packaging is technically recyclable in the used beverage carton stream.

This solution is a step forward in our commitment to lowering the carbon footprint of our products”, states Frank Legendre, Packaging, Innovation and Development Director at Pierre Fabre. “It fully supports both our brand’s philosophy and our CSR strategy to provide our clients with efficient and safe formula combined with eco-designed packaging.

As a new milestone in our long-term partnership, we are proud to support the sustainability goals of Pierre Fabre with this minimum-impact packaging combing two of our latest innovations”, adds Aude Laclaire, CSR Manager Albéa Tubes.


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