‘Love is Blind’ Season 5 Updates: Who Got Engaged?

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The Netflix mega-hit Love is Blind returned for season 5 on September 22 with the first four episodes. The Houston singles looking for love sought lasting connections in the pods, and many cast members found “The One” without ever meeting their partner.

The first drop of season 5 episodes featured three engagements. Uche Okoroha was ready to pop the question to Aaliyah Cosby, but she left the show before he could propose. HollywoodLife is breaking down the Love is Blind season 5 love stories so far. Who got engaged? Scroll down to learn more about the couples.

Three couples have gotten engaged on ‘Love is Blind’ so far. (Netflix)

JP and Taylor

JP Pierce and Taylor Rue were the first couple of Love is Blind season 5 to get engaged. They came face-to-face in episode 3. The firefighter, 32, popped the question with a gorgeous ring and said he felt like the “luckiest man in the world.” However, there was some “awkward” silence after they met, which Taylor expected.

The 26-year-old teacher admitted that she “probably wouldn’t have gone after” JP in the real world because of the gap in his teeth. “Looks don’t matter to me anymore,” she said before adding that Love is Blind “changed my whole outlook on love.”

Izzy and Stacy

Izzy Zapata and Stacy Snyder were the second couple to get engaged. Despite his connection to Johnie, Izzy, 31, decided he wanted to be with Stacy, 34, in the end. “I see myself in 50 years with Stacy,” Izzy, who was previously engaged, said. “This is the love I’ve wanted.”

Ahead of meeting Stacy for the first time, Izzy said he’s “never been more confident with where I’m supposed to be, and it’s with Stacy.” When they met, Izzy and Stacy immediately embraced. He called her “beautiful” before proposing with a gorgeous diamond ring.

Lydia and Milton

Lydia Velez Gonzalez happily accepted Milton Johnson’s proposal at the end of episode 4. They had questioned whether or not the age difference between them — she’s 32 and he’s 25 — would ultimately allow their relationship to work, but Lydia and Milton’s strong feelings persevered.

“I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life, and it’s crazy,” the Puerto Rican geologist said to Milton. “It’s absolutely crazy. I honestly think it’s gonna be amazing. Never boring. Always laughing.”

Milton, a petroleum engineer added, “I definitely think it would be a lot of fun being married to you.” Milton, a self-proclaimed risk-taker, decided to take a chance and propose to Lydia. They didn’t get to meet at the end of episode 4, but we will see Milton and Lydia come face-to-face in the next batch of episodes.

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