Givaudan debuts ScalpSure to combat hair and scalp malodours

Givaudan debuts ScalpSure to combat hair and scalp malodours

Fragrance and beauty ingredients manufacturer Givaudan has unveiled a new technology allowing for the creation of fragrances which effectively counteract scalp malodour.

According to Givaudan, 61% of people across the globe are concerned by sweat or scalp malodour [1]. To answer this prevalent demand, the company has developed ScalpSure, a new technology that has been added to its Zap portfolio (their cross categories solutions platform addressing malodour).

Consumer-centric approach

Givaudan explains that the development of ScalpSure included consumers from the earliest stage of the research.

Indeed, Givaudan’s malodour research teams, which are based in the group’s Health & Well-being Centre of Excellence in Ashford, UK, have collected samples from consumers’ hair to perform a headspace analysis and develop a realistic scalp malodour model.

With this odour reconstitution serving as an accurate framework from which Givaudan’s perfumers screened the behaviour of perfumery ingredients and fragrance formulas, to ascertain the best solutions to efficiently counteract the build-up of malodours on the scalp.

The highly consumer-centric approach of ScalpSure ensures an enhanced understanding of the malodour challenges on the scalp and improved awareness of how best to design solutions,” said Jessica Jiang, Personal Care Senior Creative Fragrance Manager at Givaudan.

“Holistic evaluation”

The efficiency of ScalpSure in counteracting malodour has been assessed through a “holistic validation methodology” that involved olfactive experts, sensory panellists, and consumers themselves, through home-use tests led on a cross-regional level.

The challenge in designing an effective hair care fragrance is to create a beautiful scent that both delights consumers while simultaneously addressing their concerns. The fragrance should provide an impactful and enjoyable fragrant experience while effectively suppressing scalp malodour. The ScalpSure design aid supports perfumers in shaping tailor-made fragrances capable of successfully banishing unwanted smells on the scalp. By combining hedonic and performance criteria, ScalpSure fragrance guidelines offer perfumers an innovative tool to ensure consumer satisfaction,” concluded Sophie Rhodes, Personal Care Senior Perfumer at Givaudan.


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