Gotha Cosmetics will showcase their latest make-up collections in New York

Gotha Cosmetics will showcase their latest make-up collections in New York

The Italian cosmetics manufacturer will present its latest wave of innovation dedicated to the “Realignment” concept on September 20 and 21 at the Equinox Hotel in New York City.

Gotha has put gather three main trends – Dare to Care, Green Lab, Metadisruptive – under the title Realignment: Move Fast, Embrace Low.

According to the company, as far as the beauty industry is concerned, the Realignment trends consist in offering product solutions that feed the sense of wellbeing while encouraging consumers to prioritize health-centric practices and flexi-lifestyles.

After years of rapid industry, technological and social acceleration, 2023 ushers in an era of Realignment with ourselves, our workplaces and our planet. Thanks to the Realignment of values consumers will prioritize products and experiences that are nourishing rather than being extractive and exhausting. Uncertainty will remain a dominant force due to ongoing economic, political and environmental crises, but consumer will be seeking ways to balance their uneasiness with optimism,” explained Gotha Cosmetics in a statement.

The three trends will be illustrated through three new collections of products:

Dare to Care

Driven by the understanding that the beauty ritual is a very intimate, personal and almost spiritual experience, this micro-collection of products combines instant and long-term beauty benefits, to create a sensorial journey that elevates senses and provides maximum results across all age, ethnic and gender groups.

Through the selection of products of Dare to Care we are proposing product solutions dedicated to consumers who want to rediscover their love for cosmetics, embracing makeup that is both special and practical. As people prioritize well-being, new beauty moments will emerge, and they will seek mindful products, democratized design, and people-powered initiatives that allow them to live their best, most balanced life. This trend promotes the joy of makeup, offering products that support self-expression and connection while leveraging multifunctional makeup hybrids for all,” said Gotha.

Green Lab

Focused on meeting the highest standards set by the most demanding consumers the “Green Lab” collection is on the mission to deliver beauty results that go equally skin-deep as they are impactful on the surface. All of that with a reduced environmental footprint.

According to Gotha: “Green Lab addresses those consumers who are sophisticated, knowledgeable, and curious but also uncompromising in terms of safety and quality. There is no trade-off when it comes to beauty performance either: product transparency will be a priority moving forward along with science-backed beauty, lab-grown ingredients that are good for the skin and planet.


The Metadisruptive phygital avant-garde collection comprises overwhelmingly sophisticated, expressive and borderline “otherworldly” products.

By 2024, consumers and brands will inhabit increasingly fluid realities, moving seamlessly between the digital and physical worlds. This new circular existence will inspire new phygital aesthetics, while the acceleration of beauty into the metaverse will unlock unlimited possibilities for consumer and products interactions: accessible virtual beauty experiences that make everyday tasks simpler and more enjoyable are unlocking a new world of beauty experiences,” highlighted Gotha.


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