Sharpe Family Singers: 5 Things To Know About The Singing Group Competing ‘AGT’

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  • The Sharpe Family Singers have made it to the qualifiers of AGT season 18.
  • The Sharpe Family Singers sing covers of hit songs.
  • Ron and Barbra Sharpe lead The Sharpe Family Singers.

America’s Got Talent is welcoming one of America’s most talented families back to the stage after their memorable audition. The Sharpe Family Singers will be performing for the judges once again during the second round of qualifiers on August 29. The family group hopes to move on in the competition and win that coveted Las Vegas show.

So, who are The Sharpe Family Singers? This family makes incredible music together. HollywoodLife has everything you need to know about this singing family.

The Sharpe Family Singers group consists of 6 family members.

Ron and Barbra Sharpe are at the head of Sharpe Family Singers. The rest of the group consists of their children: daughter Samantha, son Logan, and twins Aidan and Connor.

Sharpe Family Singers are social media sensations.

The Sharpe Family Singers are TikTok famous! The family has over 8.5 million followers, and their videos have garnered over 185 million likes! They have over 1.6 million YouTube subscribers.

The Sharpe Family Singers performing on ‘AGT.’ (NBC)

Sharpe Family Singers rose to fame in 2020.

The Sharpe Family Singers had already been performing together when they started their TikTok account in February 2020. They quickly became popular among viewers. “We already had our family singing group and knew a lot of songs,” Ron and Barbra told All Access Music. “TikTok was all our older kids, Logan and Samantha’s idea!  The rest of us were just going along for the ride!  As parents, we just liked the fact that our kids would want to be seen online with us!  That was enough for mom and dad to join in on the fun!” And the rest is history!

The family has released a Christmas album.

The Sharpe Family Singers dropped their first album, the holiday-themed A Sharpe Family Christmas, 2021. The album consists of 12 songs.

They recently released their Little Mermaid Medley.

The Sharpe Family Singers frequently post covers of hit songs and medleys on their YouTube channels and other social media platforms. Their most recent release is a medley centered around The Little Mermaid. The family got all dressed up as your favorite Little Mermaid characters and sang hits like “Part of Your World” and more.


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