‘Suits’ Spinoff: Is There One In The Works Amid The Show’s Netflix Success? What We Know

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  • Suits remains in Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows in the U.S.
  • Suits creator Aaron Korsh is on board with a spinoff.
  • Pearson was the first Suits spinoff.

It’s all about Suits these days. Since the show’s first 8 seasons dropped on Netflix in June 2023, fans have consumed the legal drama and made it Netflix’s biggest hit of the summer. With so much buzz around Suits, which is also available on Peacock, could there be more Suits content in the future?

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While a revival isn’t totally out of the question, a Suits spinoff is much more likely at this point. So, is a Suits spinoff happening? What has creator Aaron Korsh said about a potential spinoff? Here’s all the latest Suits news.

Are There Any Spinoffs From Suits?

Yes, the first Suits spinoff was Pearson, which premiered on USA Network in 2019. The series revolved around fan-favorite Suits character Jessica Pearson, played by Gina Torres. Despite Suits being a hit, Pearson didn’t catch on. The show was canceled after just one season. While Suits is available to stream on Peacock and Netflix, Pearson is not. Pearson is only available to purchase on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, and Vudu.

Will There Be More Suits Spinoffs?

There is hope for another Suits spinoff. Now that the show has had a resurgence in popularity with its Netflix debut, there’s been serious chatter about a possible spinoff.

Creator Aaron Korsh revealed in his new interview with The Hollywood Reporter that he’s on the fence about a Suits season 10 because he was “satisfied” by how the original series ended. Suits ran for 9 seasons from 2011 to 2019. Aaron admitted that if he could get “another show on the air, it wouldn’t be a continuation of Suits.” However, he did say he would love to do a very specific Suits spinoff.

Wendell Pierce played Robert Zane in ‘Suits.’ (Marion Curtis/Starpix/Shutterstock)

“Now, I know I’ve mentioned the [Robert] Zane prequel idea [centered on Rachel’s dad, played by Wendell Pierce], I would do that in the second. I was really excited about that,” he revealed.

Aaron has been open about wanting to pursue a Suits prequel, which would focus on a young Robert Zane. When asked about exploring the character more, Aaron responded on X, “I had an idea for a #Suits spin off that was a prequel exploring young Robert Zane, fresh out of law school in the early 90’s. The network wasn’t interested at the time. I would still do that.”

The Wire actor played the role of Robert Zane, father to Meghan Markle’s Rachel, starting in season 2. He became a key supporting player in the USA Network drama series. Learning more about his backstory would be a treat for Suits superfans.

There were other Suits spinoff ideas that floated around prior to the show becoming available on Netflix. “There were numerous ideas for spinoffs that we mostly just sort of fantasized about. Like, Aaron and I would sit around and go, ‘What about this? What about that?’” executive producer Gene Klein told TVLine. Gene noted that the spinoff scenarios involved “taking one or two of the characters and doing their own thing with them, but they just never went anywhere.”

Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane. (Usa Network/Netflix/Kobal/Shutterstock)

One notable spinoff idea revolved around Rick Hoffman’s Louis Litt. “Obviously, there was a Louis Litt-themed one,” Gene pointed out. He later added, “There were lesser characters who [Aaron] had spinoff ideas for, ideas that would be prequels where it’d be a younger version of, like, an ancillary character. Really interesting, fun ideas that we never took anywhere.” Well, they certainly might take off now!

Why Did Pearson Get Canceled?

Suits was a hit long before the first 8 seasons were acquired by Netflix. Back in 2019, a Suits spinoff would have seemed like a definite success. The Chicago-set spinoff Pearson just never found an audience, which is why the show was canceled after just one season. Despite being connected to Suits, Pearson was one of “USA’s lowest-rated originals,” according to Variety.

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