Skims’ New Ultimate Bra Is Here To Help Support & Lift While Still Looking Natural

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Skims has now released its newest endeavor, the Skims Ultimate Bra, which promises to support and lift everything in the right places while still keeping your natural shape. Kim Kardashian is redefining shapewear once again.

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Kim always has something up her sleeve when it comes to Skims — her extremely successful brand that covers underwear, loungewear, and shapewear — that only continues to grow at a fast-paced speed. The reality star is attempting to reinvent push-up bras and erase the stigma many of them have because they have a tendency to create bulging cleavage or spilling.

Kim has created a new bra that is flattering and comfortable that enhances your breasts to look the best they can — and she did the research to prove it. The bras were created using 3D scans of several women, including herself, with different bra cups and body shapes. “We also went through multiple rounds of fittings on myself and other women to perfect the shape and construction even further,” the Skims founder told Harpers Baazar, to ensure the design would best fit everyone.

This isn’t surprising coming from the entrepreneur, since she has made waves in the shapewear world and is continuing to thrive on a new level. She always manages to create products that women want and need to feel their best.

The Ultimate Bra comes in 43 sizes and 10 colors and is made from a compressive microfiber fabric and tapered foam, so you can get a lift without a squeeze — something that traditional bulky push-up bras often lack.

The material and design behind her products are incomparable. In the Ultimate Bra, there is a concealed underwire, so you get the support but it’s so lightweight that you won’t be able to see a singular line underneath clothing. There are so many pros without any cons!


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