‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Season 3: The Cast, Release Date & Everything We Know So Far

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  • The Lincoln Lawyer has not been renewed for season 3 yet.
  • The second half of season 2 dropped on August 3.
  • The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 ended on a cliffhanger.

The Lincoln Lawyer has become Netflix’s latest smash hit. The first part of season 2 premiered on July 6 and garnered 1.41 billion minutes of viewing just for the week of July 3 through 9. The second half of the season premiered on August 3, and the show remains in the top 10 TV shows in the U.S.

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller. (Netflix)

The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 ended with a bang, so fans want to know: is there going to be a third season of The Lincoln Lawyer? From the renewal situation to how that twisty season 2 impacts the show’s future, HollywoodLife has all the latest updates about The Lincoln Lawyer season 3.


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Will There Be A Lincoln Lawyer Season 3?

As of now, The Lincoln Lawyer has not been renewed for season 3. The remaining 5 episodes of season 2 just dropped on August 3, so Netflix has some time in deciding the fate of the series. Given, the show’s viewership numbers just for the first half of season 2, a third season seems like a sure thing.

The Lincoln Lawyer is based on the best-selling Michael Connelly books. There’s plenty of material for Netflix to dive into in season 3 and beyond. The Reversal, The Gods of Guilt, The Law of Innocence, and Resurrection Walk have yet to be adapted for TV.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 Release Date

Since The Lincoln Lawyer hasn’t been renewed for season 3 yet, there’s no release date. Couple that with the ongoing writers’ and SAG-AFTRA strike, it might be a while before we hear any news about a potential release date for The Lincoln Lawyer season 3. If the show does get renewed, The Lincoln Lawyer season 3 would premiere mid-to-late 2024 at the earliest. It all depends on when the Hollywood strikes end.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 Cast

The Lincoln Lawyer season 3 wouldn’t be possible without the return of the Lincoln lawyer himself, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo’s Mickey Haller. A third season would likely see the following main cast members return as well: Becki Newton’s Lorna Crane, Jazz Raycole’s Izzy Letts, and Angus Sampson’s Cisco.

Neve Campbell as Maggie McPherson. (Netflix)

Neve Campbell’s return as Maggie McPherson, Mickey’s first ex-wife, remains up in the air after the way season 2 ended. Maggie took a job in San Diego after one last night with Mickey. Given that Mickey and Maggie share a kid, she’ll never be out of The Lincoln Lawyer loop completely.

Is Lisa On The Lincoln Lawyer Guilty?

The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 finale begins with the verdict coming in regarding Lisa Trammell’s trial. She is found not guilty of murdering Mitchell Bondurant. Later, Lisa and Mickey finally hook up after she fires him as her lawyer.

While walking with Hayley in Venice Beach, Mickey has a realization. He heard the same noises on the street in the phone call he had with Jeff. After Cisco sends him information about the Trammell divorce, Mickey pays Lisa a visit.

Lana Parrilla as Lisa Trammell. (Netflix)

He confronts her about how Jeff wanted half of her place when they split. He knew there was something off in her story, but he could never figure out what until now. Mickey brings up that Jeff filed for divorce 11 years ago and withdrew the filing a few weeks later. Soon after that, Jeff vanished. Lisa claims Jeff just “gave up,” but Mickey wonders why Jeff would walk away from getting half of everything.

“You’ve been playing me,” Mickey says. Lisa admits she just wanted him to stop looking for Jeff. Mickey interrogates her about why she refused to give up her place… even to make bail. Mickey asks Lisa point-blank where Jeff is now. She doesn’t have to say anything. Mickey knows that Lisa killed Jeff and buried him on her property. The cops soon show up at Lisa’s place to look for Jeff’s body after a call from Lorna.

Speaking of Lorna, she gets her “perfect wedding” with Cisco. Cisco even throws her a surprise reception with Izzy’s help.

Becki Newton as Lorna. (Netflix)

At the reception, Lorna tells Izzy about her latest hunch. She’s been thinking about the night Mickey got beat up. She doesn’t think Alex Grant was responsible. Lorna believes that Lisa set it all up to make it appear that she was innocent.

What Happened At The End Of The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2?

Mickey nearly gets hit by a car barreling towards him after dinner. He then calls Izzy and asks about the night they served the subpoena to Alex Grant. He wonders about the car Alex was driving.  Mickey doesn’t get too much time to focus on his Alex Grant question because he gets a call from a man named Julian Lacosse, a new client who has been arrested for murder. When Mickey arrives at the jail, Julian claims that Giselle Dallinger recommended him. Now Giselle is dead, and the police believe Julian is responsible.

Mickey goes to the medical examiner’s office the next day. When he sees Giselle’s body, it’s actually Gloria Dayton, a.k.a. Glory Days. Gloria was a prostitute and a key witness in Jésus Menendez’s case. Mickey already had a connection to this next case, and it’s sure to be a doozy.

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