‘Match Me Abroad’ Exclusive Preview: Stanika Says She’s Finally Found Love After ‘Giving Up’

Image Credit: TLC

Cupid’s arrow finally found Stanika on TLC’s new hit show Match Me Abroad! In this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Sunday, July 30 episode, Stanika happily thanked her matchmaker Nina after making it official with her latest date, Noureddine. “The goal was to come to Morocco, find love, and now I’m here with a whole significant other,” Stanika said with an easy laugh as she stood next to a smiling Noureddine. “So, Nina, you go girl.”

The cute clip opens with the two new love birds enjoying a romantic dinner date as Stanika coyly tells Noureddine, “I will say this, you have set the bar high, so you need to keep it up, you can’t backpedal.” With a gigantic smile, the young gentleman agrees, as Stanika adds, “And I’m excited to see where things goes and we are official.”

The exciting news comes after Stanika previously had a bit of trouble navigating the dating scene in Morocco. After using a translator app to communicate more efficiently on her second date with Saleh, the pair ended up speaking in a language that was the complete opposite of love. “There may be some language barriers, but I am definitely judging him because I’m starting to feel that he’s talking to me in a rude manner,” Stanika said at the time. “This is going downhill and fast.” Added to the fact that Stanika was ambushed by Saleh’s entire family on their first date, it was obvious she and Saleh would be going their separate ways.

Stanika says she finally found love on ‘Match Me Abroad.’ (TLC)

And it looks like it was meant to be, as Stanika appears ecstatic about her new path with Noureddine. “Before going through this journey. I just, I don’t know, I gave up on love, you know, I gave up on it, but I learned love does exist for everyone,” she says in a confessional. “It’s bittersweet that my time in Morocco is coming to an end. But I’m happy. I’m really, really happy and I do want Noureddine to visit me in America as soon as he can.”

As Stanika and Noureddine leave the dinner holding hands, Stanika adds, “I done come to Morocco and found me a man.”

Witness all of Stanika and Noureddine’s amazing chemistry when the full episode airs on Sunday, July 30. And catch the whole season of Match Me Abroad as it continues every Sunday on TLC.

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