‘iCarly’ Season 3 Finale Ending Explained: Carly Braces For A Shocking Return

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The iCarly season 3 finale revolves around Marissa and Lewbert’s wedding. Carly takes over planning the perfect wedding for Freddie’s mom, and she’s even given maid of honor duties. Freddie really appreciates what Carly is doing for his family. Carly gets caught up in all the wedding vibes and mimics an actual ceremony with Freddie, which makes Freddie thinks she wants him to propose.

Miranda Cosgrove and Nathan Kress as Carly and Freddie. (Paramount+)

After Freddie spills his plans to Spencer, Spencer reports back to Carly. Carly freaks out over how Freddie interrupted things, and Spencer winds up telling Freddie it’s a “hard no” from Carly.

“I suddenly feel like we have very different ideas of the future,” Freddie says about Carly. Spencer continues to cause some confusion between Carly and Freddie, but he ultimately tries to smooth things over because he knows Freddie and Carly are endgame.

“We are endgame. I love Freddie, and I want to be with him forever, but the idea of marriage just freaks me out,” Carly admits. She brings up her mom. The idea of marriage messes with her head because she’s afraid she’ll do the same thing as her mom. “You are not mom. You would never do to anyone what mom did to us,” Spencer says.

Freddie and Carly finally have a conversation about what they really want. She apologizes for all the mixed messages. She admits to him that she’s never even thought about marriage — until now. Weddings and marriages bring up good and bad things for her, and she wants to be honest with him about that. Freddie isn’t going anywhere. “My plan is to be here any time you need me,” he sweetly says.

iCarly Season 3 Finale Ending Explained: [Spoiler] Returns

Marissa and Lewbert’s wedding begins, but there’s no bride or groom. Danica comes into the ceremony with news. She’s gotten a text from Marissa. She’s decided to elope Lewbert in Las Vegas.

Miranda Cosgrove and Jerry Trainor as Carly and Spencer. (Paramount+)

Millicent has been ordained and everything. She doesn’t want to waste this opportunity. She asks the room if there’s anyone who wants to get married. Freddie and Carly look at each other and know what they want. They say the vows Carly uttered earlier. “I didn’t expect to fall for you, but you were right here all along,” Carly says. Freddie replies, “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Just before they’re about to say “I do” and give fans the Creddie wedding of their dreams, Carly and Spencer get am unexpected visitor. Their mom shows up out of the blue. Spencer and Carly’s mom isn’t shown onscreen, but they are absolutely stunned to see her. Bring on season 4!

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