‘Sister Wives’ Trailer: Robyn Sobs As Meri Reveals She’s Leaving Kody In Explosive New Season

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After Christine Brown’s departure, the lives of Kody Brown and the rest of the sister wives changed forever. Now Meri and Janelle Brown are considering leaving Kody for good in the brand-new season of Sister Wives. In the explosive first trailer, Kody faces criticism from all of his wives.

Kody Brown’s family is falling apart in the new season of ‘Sister Wives.’ (TLC)

Kody fully admits that he’s in a “bad place” with Janelle. “I don’t even know what to do with Meri,” he says. Meri still has hope things can work out between her and Kody, but Kody is wondering “why she lives in Flagstaff.”

Curious about how polygamy works? Enter ‘Sister Wives.’ The TLC reality television series, which premiered in 2010, follows the relationships, families, and ups and downs of Kody Brown and his four wives Meri Brown, Robyn Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown. Three of these marriages are spiritual unions — Kody was legally married to Meri between 1990-2014, until they divorced (but remained spiritually together) so that Kody could legally marry Robyn and therefore adopt her three children. Meanwhile, Kody has been spiritually married to Janelle since 1993. He has also been spiritually married to Christine since 1994. Four marriages bring a lot of children into the equation! Kody shares 18 kids with his four wives. Kody and Meri share one child, Kody and Janelle share six children, Kody and Robyn share five children (three are from Robyn’s first marriage), and Kody and Christine share six children. The Brown family are Fundamentalist Mormons. Keep scrolling through the gallery for more photos of the family.

Janelle is in Flagstaff, AZ, on Sister Wives.

Janelle sits down with Christine and confesses that she doesn’t “want to be married anymore.” Meanwhile, Meri tells Robyn Brown that Kody is “done” with her. Kody and Christine also have a face-to-face candid conversation after their split.

“I just wanted to let you know that I’m not going to be around. It’s not what I want,” Meri tells Kody and Robyn. Robyn begins to break down in tears over Meri’s announcement. Robyn cries in front of the camera and says she always “wanted to sit on a porch with my sister wives with our kids and our grandkids.” That dream appears to be impossible now.

Robyn Brown cries over Meri leaving. (TLC)

Kody and Janelle get into a heated argument that results in Kody storming out. Janelle asks Kody to sit down and really listen to what she has to say. An angry Kody gets up and declares he’s “done listening” to her. “F*** you,” Janelle says to Kody as he leaves. Everybody’s angry, and these feelings are not going away.

Kody believes that he’s “worked so hard to do what was right.” Now that he’s losing it all, he’s contemplating just being the “devil I think I am now.” The new season of Sister Wives premieres August 20 at 10 p.m. on TLC. Episodes will continue to air on Sundays.

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