‘The Diplomat’ Ending Explained: An Explosion, The Truth About The Warship Attack & More Revealed

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The Diplomat season finale picks up with Kate (Keri Russell) and Dennison (David Gyasi) discussing the Roman Lenkov situation. Dennison finds it peculiar that Prime Minister Trowbridge was initially unhappy about arresting Lenkov for the warship attack, but by the morning, he was all about it. Turns out, this arrest could help Trowbridge with a special election that’s coming up in Scotland.

Meanwhile, Eidra (Ali Ahn) learns that Kate is being considered for Vice President, and Hayford (Ato Essandoh) hasn’t mentioned a thing. Hayford finally gets the go-ahead to read Eidra in on the (hopeful) plan with Kate. He also notes that he would go back to D.C. if it happens. Eidra realizes that he told her not to take the job in Cairo when he already knew about the vice presidency plan. Eidra breaks up with Hayford for screwing with her career.

Ali Ahn and Ato Essandoh as Eidra and Hayford. (Netflix)

Kate and Hal (Rufus Sewell) talk about their marriage. Hal wants to try and make this work, but he doesn’t want Kate bringing up a divorce every single second. He’s also bored with nothing to do. For a guy like Hal, he can’t sit still. Kate says that it won’t always be like this. To meet him halfway, Kate asks Hal to make a speech in her place at Chatham House.

Ronnie (Jess Chanliau) clues Hayford in about Hal making the speech at Chatham House and learns that Hal is going to waive the Chatham House Rule. Hal also asked Ronnie to send a copy of the speech to Billie Appiah, the President’s chief of staff. Hayford runs to Kate to explain what’s going on.

She doesn’t know about the Chatham House Rule. Hayford tells her that by waiving the rule means anything you say can be cited, but it can’t be attributed to you. It’s bad for public image building. Hayford reveals to Kate that Hal asked to waive the rule and send the speech to Billie. Kate keeps a straight face the whole time, but you can feel her fury.

Hal makes the speech at Chatham House, and it goes great. He feels right at home up there. As this is happening, Dennison and Kate are in Paris talking to Fournier about support for Lenkov’s arrest. They’re turned down.

Rufus Sewell as Hal Wyler. (Netflix)

After the speech, a Tory MP named Merritt Grove asks Hal to meet him for a drink. Hal explains to Kate that he told Merritt he could call Billie, but Merritt didn’t want that. Kate realizes that Hal wants to be secretary of state, and she goes off on him. She demands that Hal not have the meeting with Merritt and asserts her power.

Kate calls Roylin about Merritt Grove, who says he’s known as a “compassionless conservative.” She notes that Merritt acts like everything is urgent so don’t take his persistence seriously. Kate admits to Dennison that her marriage is ending… again. She feels like a fool for trying so hard.

Hal is going to the meeting, despite Hayford pleading with him not to. Kate shows up at The Lourve for the gala in that red silk dress she said she’d never wear. Kate asks for some time alone with Fournier to talk about the Lenkov proposal. Fournier reveals that London has asked their special operatives take the lead on the arrest, even though French police would typically do the arrest on French soil. Fournier says she’s approved the Lenkov plan despite it being a “highly unorthodox” request.

David Gyasi and Keri Russell as Dennison and Kate. (Netflix)

That’s when Fournier drops the bomb on Kate. The British don’t intend to arrest Lenkov. They’re going to kill him. A shaken Kate leaves the gala in a rush, and Dennison follows her.

Ronnie and Hayford show up at the restaurant before Hal’s meeting with Merritt. Ronnie goes inside and explains to Merritt that he will not be meeting with Hal. Merritt only wants to meet with Hal, so he gets up and walks out.

Who Is Really Behind The Warship Attack?

While standing alone on a bridge, Kate asks Dennison if he’s been playing her this whole time. She tells him the plan for Lenkov’s assassination. He thinks what she’s saying is absurd. “We don’t assassinate people,” Dennison says. An assassination like this would bring down Trowbridge’s government, and he’d want information he could get from Lenkov. A dead Lenkov doesn’t do Trowbridge any good.

Also, Trowbridge can’t go through with the assassination without approval. Dennison’s approval, to be exact. Kate figures it out. She takes Dennison’s work phone and begins playing music on her phone. She tosses the phones to the security guard so no one can hear their conversation.

Keri Russell as Kate Wyler. (Netflix)

“A dead Lenkov is only good for the people whole hired him,” Kate says. “If Prime Minister Nicol Trowbridge wants him dead…” Dennison finishes, “Nicol Trowbridge hired him.” Trowbridge is behind the warship attack that left his servicemen dead. Suddenly, they’re surrounded by security. Something terrible has happened.

As Merritt Grove was walking to his car with Ronnie trailing behind, Hayford and Hal were walking toward them on the street. The car went up in flames in a massive explosion when Merritt began to open the door. Merritt and Ronnie are likely dead because they were in such close proximity to the explosion, but Hayford and Hal’s fates remain unknown. When Kate is told about what’s happened, tears fill her eyes. This is a cliffhanger of epic proportions.

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Keri Russell & Matthew Rhys (REX/Shutterstock)

Keri Russell & Matthew Rhys (REX/Shutterstock)

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