Silab puts the spotlight on its CSR program via a dedicated website

Silab puts the spotlight on its CSR program via a dedicated website

At the occasion of the 2023 edition of the in-cosmetics Global trade show, the manufacturer of cosmetic ingredients unveiled its new website dedicated to its CSR program:

Dubbed “Actively Caring”, Silab’s CSR program that sets down the company’s multi-year objectives and action plans for sustainable development. “It is based on a highly transversal vision comprising five major pillars: sustainable strategy, development of human potential, responsible sourcing, preserved environment and societal dimension,” said Silab in a statement.

With a view toward transparency with all of its stakeholders, Silab has chosen to develop a website dedicated to this program, explaining the initiatives implemented by the company and whose purpose is to replace the paper report published annually until now. This site enables users to easily obtain the desired information, whether it is overall views or factual and precise elements. It also highlights the main initiatives of the current year.

“CSR is an important component of our development strategy. By bringing this new site on line, it is our desire to give it heightened visibility and to bring a new impulse to our Actively Caring program. We also want to provide our partners with the latest news and data, made possible by this new format that will enable us to update the contents very regularly,” explains Jean-Philippe Cosson, General Manager of Sales, International subsidiaries and CSR at Silab.

For this development, Silab has opted for an eco-designed site consistent with digital simplicity, available in both English and French. The environmental impact of consulting websites is steadily increasing, and so this site was designed to reduce energy consumption by the suitable technical and editorial choices such as: green hosting, responsible development, “mobile first” design, streamlined design, seamless user experience, relevant contents, only essential functions and a measurement of impact.

“This technical challenge is part of Silab’s overall sustainable development strategy, focusing on continuous improvement,” highlights the company.

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