‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4 Finale: Who Got Married

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  • Five couples got engaged on ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4
  • All the couples believe two people can fall in love without seeing each other, but only four made it down the aisle
  • Three couples of the final four tied the knot during the season finale

Love Is Blind Season 4 has officially wrapped, and that means all four remaining engaged couples had a chance to walk down the aisle and vow to love their partner for the rest of their lives. Five couples originally got engaged during Season 4 of Love Is Blind after dating in individual rooms that did not allow them to see each other’s faces: Tiffany Pennywell and Brett BrownMicah Lussier and Paul Peden, Chelsea Griffin and Kwame Appiah, Jackelina “Jackie” Bonds and Marshall Glaze, and Zack Goytowski and Irina Solomonova. However, only three of the original couples — plus a new one — made it to their wedding day.

Zack and Irina were the first couple to call it quits after an awkward first face-to-face meeting and a seemingly miserable time in Mexico, which served as the couples’ first outing into the real world together. Once they broke up, Zack admitted he knew for a while that he had made a mistake and should have proposed to Bliss Poureetezadi. After they reacquainted, Zack won her over with his nerdy but loveable personality and he got down on one knee on a romantic boat cruise to ask for her hand in marriage. She was pleased to accept.

Zack and Irina notably slept on opposite sides of the bed in ‘Love Is Blind’ (Photo: Netflix)

As for Jackie and Marshall, they split after a journey full of highs and lows. They inevitably separated when Marshall showed up to his tuxedo fitting while Jackie skipped her chance to pick out a wedding dress to instead meet up with another person she had a strong connection with in the pods: Josh Demas. It didn’t take Jackie much convincing for her to be all for Josh.

And although four couples made it to their big day, many were a wild card when it came to whether or not they would actually say, “I do”. Find out who left Love is Blind married and who left their partner at the alter below.

Chelsea Griffin And Kwame Appiah: Married

Chelsea Griffin and Kwame Appiah chat about their future on ‘Love Is Blind’ (Photo: Netflix)

It’s no surprise that Chelsea, a pediatric speech language pathologist, was elated to marry Kwame. She had been super confident in their relationship throughout the season and gracious toward Kwame when he had doubts. Kwame, a sales development manager, was not scared to admit how much he loved Chelsea, but was also very vocal about expressing his concerns about entering marriage with Chelsea and even admitted he felt he was sacrificing more than her because he was the one relocating to Seattle from Portland to be with her. It’s also impossible to forget that he had not one, but two, very flirtatious talks with another connection of his, Micah, after they were both engaged to separate people. On top of that, Kwame’s mother never came around to the idea of their sudden marriage, which deeply concerned him.

And although episode 11 of Love Is Blind left off on a cliffhanger after Chelsea said, “Yes,” to marrying Kwame with no hesitation, he smiled as he also agreed to dedicate himself to her forever as well. “It’s the best day,” Chelsea said with a huge smile across her face after their outdoor nuptials. Meanwhile, Kwame said he was feeling “amazing” to be her husband. Although Kwame’s mother was not at the wedding, both his sister and brother showed up. Chelsea had an emotional meeting with Kwame’s sister, Barbara, before the wedding, who was thrilled to meet her future sister-in-law. She also made sure Kwame knew he was supported and that their mother will love him regardless.

Micah Lussier And Paul Peden: Not Married

Micah Lussier and Paul Peden enjoy Mexico on ‘Love Is Blind’ (Photo: Netflix)

Although Micah and Paul seemingly had a strong relationship (aside from Micah’s flirty conversations with Kwame), their uncertainties got the best of them. As they were getting ready for their special moment, they both expressed their concerns, with Micah saying the answer was not “obvious or easy at any point”, while Paul called the social experiment a “bizarre and beautiful” journey. The marketing manager admitted she would not know what to answer until she was “in the moment”, despite being “100 percent in love with him”. Paul expressed a similar sentiment when debating what to do when it came time to say, “I do”.

Despite absolutely raving about their love during the ceremony, at which both their parents were present and fully supportive, when Micah was asked if she would take Paul as her husband, she answered, “I think that in this moment the best thing I can do for us is give you the opportunity to answer first.” When it was decision time, the environmental scientist said it would not be right to get married. “I love you but I don’t think that we that we could choose each other right now. I think that we’re not there,” he explained.

“Honestly I feel like that’s exactly what you were gonna say. I think that this whole time I’ve wanted to feel shown and told that, you know, that you loved me and wanted to be with me,” Micah replied. She admitted she “never felt safe” and now her feelings are “validated”. She then left Paul at the alter as tears ran down her face. “What’s right for me is right for both of us,” he said as she stormed away.

Paul followed her out of their ceremony space, but Micah rejected his presence and explained how “awful” she felt, understandably. “I feel really, like, broke,” Micah said during an emotional confessional to the camera. “I just really don’t wanna be here”. Meanwhile, Paul told his friends that he really does love Micah, but it just wasn’t the right thing. “[Telling her no] broke me to pieces,” he confirmed, showing the weight of the decision.

Tiffany Pennywell And Brett Brown: Married

Tiffany Pennywell and Brett Brown share a kiss after meeting each other for the first time on ‘Love Is Blind’ (Photo: Netflix)

The rain (both physical and metaphorical) from Paul and Micah’s wedding let up for Tiffany and Brett on their wedding day. It’s no surprise that Tiffany and Brett decided to have each other as husband and wife, as they were arguably the strongest couple through the entire season. Tiffany was crying happy tears throughout her wedding preparations, and Brett was beaming. “I feel ready. I feel good,” the design director gushed. “Tiffany is the one, no doubt.” Brett even sweetly met with Tiffany’s father before the wedding to formally ask for her hand in marriage, and he gladly said yes. The only drama that went down was an issue with how Brett’s suit fit, and a seamstress was able to save the day.

The ceremony was emotional for both Brett and Tiffany, but in the best way possible. When it came to say, “I do”, the happy couple lit up the entire room with tears of love and later laughs of pure bliss. “I thank you for just being you. Every stage of this process you have been consistently yourself and that’s how I knew that I was in love with you,” a teary-eyed Tiffany said. “It wasn’t a physical thing; It was simply how you spoke to my soul.” In return, Brett told the client recruiter that she makes him feel like he can be a better man and that he can so clearly see their future together.

“I’m ready to embark on this next journey that we have together,” Tiffany gushed as she sat with Brett after their vows. “I’m just thrilled to start our life together,” he replied.

Zack Goytowski And Bliss Poureetezadi: Married

Zach and Bliss knew they were each other’s true match on ‘Love Is Blind’ (Photo: Netflix)

As noted above, Zack and Bliss got together after Zack’s relationship with Irina imploded. Their rough start was a continued concern throughout their relationship, but come wedding day, none of that seemed to matter. “When we broke up it was a questioning of faith … it’s so surreal to have it come full circle,” Bliss explained ahead of their vows. Their separation is something Zack mentioned in his touching vows to Bliss.

“I think the moment that I knew I loved you is when I told you, ‘Goodbye’. It was when I said goodbye that I knew what I had lost. And when you were gone and I was alone and I was lonely and sad, and when I’d lay down at night, I’d think about how much you understood me… how much we had in common,” the criminal defense attorney recalled. “You don’t have to tell me that you love me because you show me that you love me.”

“I think the best thing is your perception on the world is so beautiful and you really believe in second chances, you believe in seeing the best in people,” the senior program manager told her future husband. “I’ve never met like someone like you before … you’re everything.” With that being said, they easily said, ‘”I do,” to one another and made their union official.

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