Epionine Bio, a holistic active ingredient for skin and mind well-being

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At the in-cosmetics Global trade show, which took place from March 28 to 30, 2023 in Barcelona, Laboratoires Expanscience presented their new holistic active ingredient Epionine Bio, designed to contribute to the well-being of individuals by acting on both skin and mind.

Extracted from Camellia oleifera, a small tree native to China, known for the oil extracted from its seeds, Epionine Bio [1] is an active ingredient rich in sterols.

Responsibly sourced in the province of Hunan in China and obtained by molecular distillation, Epionine Bio protects the skin from internal and external stress by acting on the skin-brain axis. In vitro and in vivo tests have demonstrated its anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, pain modulation and self-esteem benefits.

Skin health and well-being are inextricably linked. The symptoms of dry or sensitive skin can affect a person’s well-being, causing stress and having a negative impact on their emotional state. This can create a vicious circle, as stress can in itself be a source of skin problems. Indeed, around 40% [2] of persons with skin problems also have mental health issues, which are often linked to their skin condition,” explains Armelle Le Peniec, Director of the Cosmetic Active Ingredients division of Laboratoires Expanscience.

Clinical tests

Two clinical studies – the first concerning the improvement of the skin condition between D0 and D28, the second comparing the benefits of Epionine versus placebo after 28 days of use – were performed alongside specialists in psychology and neuroscience.

According to Expanscience, several benefits have been highlighted: physical benefits, by strengthening the skin barrier and moisturizing the skin; and mental benefits, since this active ingredient is able to improve an individual’s emotional state (+18%), quality of life (+21%) and self-esteem (+35%), as well as reduce their psychological stress (-11%).

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