Danielle Bradbery Teases ‘New Era’ Of Music That’s ‘Sassy’ Yet ‘Vulnerable’ (Exclusive)

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Danielle Bradbery‘s break-up hit “A Special Place” gave her dedicated fans a taste of the “spice” that’s to come from the hitmaker. The Voice alum teased a “new era” would be introduced with the fiery anthem, co-written by Maren Morris, Sasha Sloan, Shane McAnally, and Jimmy Robbins. “This phase, we keep calling it the ‘Danielle Bradbery New Era,’” she teased in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.com. “My single kind of set that up and we really ran with it. It’s very sassy, very…’she’s not putting up with it anymore’ type of energy. So we’ve tapped into that full on, and it’s just a whole new look and a whole new thing that we’re doing.”

Danielle ushered in this new chapter of music by changing out her platinum locks for a natural, voluminous honey blonde, and tapping into some ultra-feminine yet minimalist fashion choices. “I just have so much fun expressing your confidence and attitude and everything through clothes,” she said, noting that one of her biggest fashion inspirations these days is Hailey Bieber. “Once a song is happening and I listen and feel the vibe of it, I love tapping into it. Even it’s a character. I think what you’re wearing makes your confidence level just go up even more.”

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She admitted that because she’s been in the music industry since she was 16, the now 26-year-old has said hello and goodbye to several chapters within her career in the public eye. “I have been through a lot of stages of my career. And I mean, starting at 16, such a vulnerable age…I feel like no matter what, you’re always going to be learning, evolving. That’s life. We’re human, that’s what happens. But those are such fragile years, and it’s been rollercoaster ride of figuring out who I am and things that I love and now have outgrown,” Danielle explained. “The one thing that has stayed steady is my music. I’ve always wanted it to be as honest and vulnerable real life situations, whether I wrote it or not, I need to relate to it.”

As for “A Special Place,” Danielle noted that it was the perfect “sassy” song to usher in this new era. “I’ve sang about the breakups, and I mean, I’ve been through all the emotions, right? But ‘A Special Place’ I didn’t write, but as soon as I heard it, I was like, this is full on attitude turned up to 10, and it was about time I needed something like that,” she gushed over the hit single. “I’ve been needing something like this to really show people something they haven’t really seen before and just switch it up a little bit.”

“This is definitely the world I want to live in. Then, if I go ballad, I want to write about things that I really haven’t sang about before, like mental health is in there,” she continued. “There was a year that my anxiety took over me and it was very hard to stay in it, keep things on the schedule — I was canceling some things because mentally I just was not there. And that is such real stuff and something that we live with every day, so it’s something that I’m just not going to not talk about, because I know so many people deal with that.” Danielle revealed that she wrote her upcoming song ‘Monster,’ which she teased on Instagram a few months ago, in just 45 minutes. “I’m all about vulnerability and honesty,” she said, “It really felt like it was meant to be.”

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Danielle promised fans that she’s currently in and out of the studio in between her tour dates, and finalizing her upcoming record. “We’re narrowing down the songs we want people to hear. And I mean, we’re playing, a lot of them live in on the tour. So it’s creeping up!” she teased. In the meantime, stream ‘A Special Place’ and keep an eye on Danielle’s socials for more!

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