‘Vanderpump Rules’: Tom Schwartz Kisses Raquel After A Dinner Date With Katie Ends In Tears

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The April 5 episode of Vanderpump Rules served as a reminder for Katie Maloney as to why she divorced Tom Schwartz in the first place. They started this week’s episode by attempting to celebrate a big milestone in their breakup. They had just sold their house so they thought it might be nice to enjoy an extravagant dinner together, but when they started talking about their friends and how Tom never defends her, things quickly went south.

Katie had mentioned that she didn’t like Scheana Shay and Raquel Leviss and didn’t want Tom being friends with them, but he told Katie that she’s often the cause of her issues with others. She couldn’t believe that he would say such a thing, so she got up from the table and stormed off with tears in her eyes.

Back in her hotel room, Katie started telling Kristina Kelly what had happened, but before she could get too far into details, Raquel knocked on the door and told them she had a message from Scheana. Raquel said Scheana didn’t want Katie or Kristine anywhere near the wedding festivities, so they better stay away. The girls couldn’t help but laugh at Raquel, so she left and reported back to Scheana.

The next day, Brock Davies and Scheana hosted separate bachelor and bachelorette parties. The ladies had fun on a boat, while the guys wore speedos, grabbed each other’s junk, and hit on women. More specifically, Tom Schwartz tried hitting on random women with Tom Sandoval‘s help, but he couldn’t even manage to have a normal conversation with one female that he tried chatting with. He did, however, admit that Raquel was beautiful and Tom Sandoval agreed.

Later that evening, Scheana and Brock threw a party to welcome all their guests to Cancun, and it was during this event that Schwartz made a romantic choice that could potentially jeopardize his friendships. He told Sandoval, Scheana, Brock, and Ariana Madix that he really wanted to make out with someone, so Raquel pulled him aside for a one-on-one chat. They both admitted to wanting to kiss each other, but they also blamed the attraction on everyone else putting the idea in their heads. Tom Schwartz told Raquel she was like “forbidden fruit”, so they leaned in and kissed each other. Katie was having dinner with Kristina just a few feet away, but Tom Schwartz didn’t seem to be scared that she’d see. If you ask us, it almost felt as though he was hoping she’d see.

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