Kim Kardashian Reveals She Was ‘Scared Out of My Mind’ To Tell Kanye West About Her New Manny

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Kim Kardashian admits that her household and family are “very female-dominated,” so she decides to hire a manny, a.k.a. a male nanny, for her kids. The single mom, 42, seeks out help as she juggles four kids, school, and her businesses. However, Kim admits in the October 19 episode of The Kardashians that she was nervous to introduce her manny to ex-husband Kanye West.

“I really wanted a male around that was gonna be picking them up and taking them to sports, and I was scared out of my mind to tell their dad that,” Kim reveals. However, Kanye actually gets along with Kim’s manny. “When he was dropping off the kids, Kanye introduced himself, played two-on-two with Saint and him,” Kim says.

The SKIMS founder says that her rapper ex, 46, has been “so nice” to her manny. He’s even given the manny some rules when it comes to the kids. Kim does not disclose the name of her manny in the episode.

Kim Kardashian with her son Saint West. (Broadimage/Shutterstock)

In the episode, Kim is honest about how it’s “really hard” for her to be a “really strict” mom and to “discipline a lot.” She adds, “My parents weren’t strict at all, and sometimes because I’m really busy, it would be amazing if I had a partner that would come in and tap me out and take over and handle it, you know? But it can’t happen like that.”

She takes her son, Saint West, 7, and his friends on a fun trip to London. She gets to spend some quality time with her soccer-loving son. She’s joined by fellow soccer moms as they take their kids to games to meet some of the major soccer players.

In the wake of Kim’s split from Kanye, the reality star has gotten help from her family and friends, including Khloé Kardashian‘s on-again-off-again ex Tristan Thompson. “When he saw me struggling with my kids, he stepped up,” Kim said about Tristan, 32, in a previous episode. “He started showing up to the games. He picks Saint up and takes him to dinner and will always come to my defense, especially if it’s stuff like with me and my ex. I just, like, never forgot that, so I’ll never really throw someone away and act like I don’t feel like they can’t grow and evolve.” New episodes of The Kardashians season 4 premiere Thursdays on Hulu.

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