Dubai-based Beauty Brands Global acquires France’s La Bouche Rouge

Dubai-based Beauty Brands Global acquires France's La Bouche Rouge

French luxury beauty brand La Bouche Rouge, which pioneered plastic-free beauty, has been acquired by a new holding company founded by Designer Parfums’ Dilesh Mehta</strong>.

Founded in 2017 by ex-L’Oréal Nicolas Gerlier, La Bouche Rouge established itself as an eco-luxury brand with a mission to eliminate single-use plastics from cosmetic products. The brand had a strong influence on the beauty industry’s approach to sustainability thanks to its innovative recyclable and refillable high-end packaging made of a variety of material including aluminium and vegan leather. After having focused on lip, eye, and face makeup, La Bouche Rouge recently entered the perfume category with a range of five natural and upcycled fragrances packed in glass bottles that can be refilled with 100% aluminium tubes.

Despite a successful funding drive that saw the brand raise EUR 12.5 million since September 2020, the company faced financial difficulties and was placed under judicial administration by the Paris Commercial Court in July.

Acquisition by Dilesh Mehta’s Beauty Brands Global

However, the brand’s operations continued without interruption and the Court eventually ruled in favour of an acquisition by Beauty Brands Global, a Dubai-based holding company led by Dilesh Mehta, president of British fragrance house Designer Parfums (Cerruti 1881, Ghost Fragrances, Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Hawaiian Tropic, etc.).

Confirming the acquisition, Mr Mehta said: “This new venture is especially close to my heart and marks the start of a new strategic orientation into luxury and eco-responsible brands (…). La Bouche Rouge carries a unique DNA based on innovation, sophistication and a remarkable eco-responsible business model.

To ensure a smooth transition and to capitalise on the brand’s French origins, Beauty Brands Global will set up a new company based in Paris and will maintain the manufacturing laboratory in Orléans. Luxury industry veteran Florence Rollet will join as General Manager while founder Nicolas Gerlier will transition to Creative Director.

I am confident that the uniqueness of La Bouche Rouge, associated with the entrepreneurship spirit and solidity of the wider Group, will bring a lot of excitement and success for the future,” added Dilesh Mehta.


Dubai-based Beauty Brands Global acquires France's La Bouche Rouge

Dubai-based Beauty Brands Global acquires France's La Bouche Rouge


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