Livcer put extra-flat samples in the spotlight

Livcer put extra-flat samples in the spotlight

This year at Luxe Pack Monaco, Livcer is focusing on extra-flat samples, both for hot or cold cast products — lipstick, complexion, cream — with “Beauty Press”, as well as for compressed powder with “Powder Silk”.

Thanks to their slim silhouette and light weight, these single doses fit anywhere and can be distributed at points of sale, in the press or by postal mail,” explains the French manufacturer specialising in thermoformed samples.

With Powder Silk, Livcer is further expanding its offering dedicated to compressed powders, a great way to sample a variety of powders, such as eye shadows, foundations, blush or bronzer products. While square and round shapes are the basics, it is possible to create a multitude of shapes.

Beauty Press Five Shades Mock Up - Livcer

Beauty Press Five Shades Mock Up – Livcer

The different decoration and personalization options offered by Livcer allow brands to explore their creativity without limits by playing with colours and graphics to enhance their formula. Beyond the standard samples visible on the Livcer stand, entirely specific shapes can be produced.

Faithful to Livcer’s environmental protection commitments, the extra-flat samples comply with eco-design rules. They allow microdosing and thanks to their total peelability, the restitution of the product is optimal, without any product waste. In addition, the complexes used are either paper-based or made from more than 50% recycled materials.


Beauty Press Six Shades Mock Up - Livcer

Powder Silk card - Livcer

Livcer - Luxe Pack Monaco


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