Real Tested CBD: Uncovering Truths in the CBD Industry

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It’s true that the CBD market is growing rapidly: just consider the constantly evolving legal landscape, ongoing scientific research, and how many new CBD products seem to appear every week. Although this current boom is great for CBD brands and retailers, the adverse effect of such growth is a lack of regulation and transparency, when it comes to what’s actually in some CBD products.

At Real Tested CBD, we believe that third-party lab test results and unbiased CBD reviews should be easily accessible for all CBD consumers. Far too many alleged “hemp products” do not contain the dosages and cannabinoids they claim to. In fact, we’ve tested some “CBD products” which were found to contain no CBD at all! Furthermore, the chances of you finding a legitimate, unbiased list after searching for “the best CBD products of 2023” on the internet, are much slimmer than you would hope. Luckily, Real Tested CBD can make your search for trustworthy CBD products much easier.

Know What’s In Your CBD Products

Unfortunately, finding out what’s really in a CBD product isn’t always as easy as just looking at the label. Far too many “hemp products” have been shown to contain smaller amounts of cannabinoids than advertised and, in some cases, no cannabidiol at all! Residual solvents and pesticides could also be potentially harmful to consumers.

Since there’s not any federal oversight on the CBD market, it’s up to customers to request third-party lab tests from whatever CBD brand they’re purchasing from. A COA (Certificate of Analysis) will show you exactly what cannabinoids are present in what amounts, and whether or not there are traces of any solvents or pesticides. If these test results aren’t easy for customers to obtain, chances are that the CBD product in question doesn’t live up to its advertised claims.

To help you sort through the countless hemp products in today’s market, Real Tested CBD is home to, third-party lab test results and the best science-backed & unbiased CBD oil reviews. On our site, you’ll find all the tools you need to discover the best “CBD near me.”

Our CBD Reviews and Rankings Can’t Be Bought

Performing a simple online search for “the best CBD products” is also not quite as easy as it should be. You are much more likely to scroll through endless lists of ranked products and brands, rather than links to actual products. If you look closely enough, you’ll find that the majority of these are sponsored articles which have been paid for and published by just one or a few companies. In short, these rankings are the farthest thing from unbiased: they have been purchased.

With such a shameful lack of transparency in the CBD industry, Real Tested CBD is setting the standard and leading the way to a more trustworthy and objective future. We are dedicated to providing you with unbiased reviews and lab test results for all of today’s top CBD products. When you do see an article from us ranking the best CBD oils, edibles, or topicals, you can rest assured that those reviews cannot be bought: they are grounded in science. To learn about which CBD products you can trust and which might work best for you, visit us at Real Tested CBD!


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