Lubrizol launches new rheology modifier Carbopol SC-800

Lubrizol launches new rheology modifier Carbopol SC-800

Lubrizol’s new rheology modifier has been optimized to provide efficient viscosity, long-term thermal stability and excellent clarity in mild and sulfate-free surfactant formulations as well as in low surfactant formulations.

Carbopol SC-800 polymer [1] is a polyacrylic acid designed to make thickening and stabilizing cleansers. It has been balanced with crosslinker levels, hydrophobic content and surface modification to increase its efficiency and ease of processing for challenging surfactant systems.

Strong aesthetic qualities with no impact on foam

According to Lubrizol Life Science Beauty (LLS Beauty), Carbopol SC-800 polymer has the best thickening efficiency, clarity and suspension properties in studies comparing it to other hydrophobically-modified polymers.

This allows formulators the versatility to create unique aesthetics in their skin cleansing formulations, including suspending natural beads, scrubs and other cleansing elements with ease and confidence,” said the company in a statement.

Foam generation studies also showed that the new polymer doesn’t negatively impact foam quality, both in the foam volume generated and its foam morphology. As a result, formulations have the lather quality consumers look for in rinse-off beauty solutions.

Lubrizol’s new rheology modifier solution is therefore ideal for shower gels, shampoos and facial cleansers.


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