‘Jury Duty’ Season 2: Will It Happen? Everything We Know

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  • Jury Duty premiered in April 2023.
  • The show earned 4 Emmy nominations.
  • Amazon Freevee hasn’t announced a season 2 yet.

Order in the court! Jury Duty delighted viewers and became a social media sensation when it premiered on April 7, 2023. Ronald Gladden was catapulted to stardom as fans watched him take part in a jury trial where he was the only person who wasn’t an actor.

Ronald Gladden in ‘Jury Duty.’ (Amazon Freevee)

Jury Duty kept everyone riveted from start to finish. Now we’re all wondering: is there going to be a Jury Duty season 2? HollywoodLife has all the latest updates about another season of the Amazon Freevee courtroom mockumentary.

Will There Be A Jury Duty Season 2?

Amazon Freevee hasn’t renewed Jury Duty for season 2 as of July 2023. Executive producers David Bernad and Todd Schulman have considered a second season, but nothing’s official at the moment. Given the ongoing writers’ and SAG-AFTRA strike, pretty much everything in Hollywood is on hold right now.

“One of the reasons maybe the show has resonated with people is it’s all too rare to see being a good person celebrated. I think that’s an infinitely repeatable core concept, that core element of the show we can do again potentially in other worlds. I do think there are opportunities, but we haven’t gotten too deep into that yet,” Todd told Variety in May 2023.

Ronald Gladden and James Marsden in ‘Jury Duty.’ (Amazon Freevee)

David noted in the same interview, “One of the initial premises of the show was it is a jury trial, but we sold it as every day you’re on trial, every day you’re confronted with situations and opportunities to make a decision. The show’s very specifically built where every episode someone brings a premise to Ronald and it’s Ronald deciding how he’s going to interact. All those [bits] were for the idea, “Can you then give [Ronald] the confidence to then be the hero in Episode 7?” I think we can take that same theme and premise and apply it to other areas outside of a jury trial.”

Jury Duty Season 2 Cast

If Jury Duty were to get a season 2, it would likely be an entirely new cast. As much as we’d love to have James Marsden and Ronald Gladden back, it would be hard to incorporate them into the show and still keep the element of surprise if another non-actor was featured in the show.

The cast of ‘Jury Duty.’ (Amazon Freevee)

In addition to Ronald and James, the jurors of season 1 included Mekki Leeper as Noah Price, Edy Modica as Jeannie Abruzzo, Ishmel Sahid as Lonnie Coleman, David Brown as Todd Gregory, Cassandra Blair as Vanessa Jenkins, Maria Russell as Inez De Leon, Kirk Fox as Pat McCurdy, Susan Berger as Barbara Goldstein, Ross Kimball as Ross Kubiak, Pramode Kumar as Ravi Chattapodhyay, Ron Song as Ken Hyun, and Brandon Loeser as Tim Smith. Alan Barinholtz notably played Judge Alan Rosen.

Casting is key for a show like Jury Duty. The series was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Casting For a Comedy Series. The show also earned nominations for Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Supporting Actor In a Comedy Series for James, and Outstanding Writing For a Comedy Series. Amazon Freevee became the first free AVOD service to receive a major series Emmy nomination.

What Is Ronald Gladden Doing Now?

Ronald likely never envisioned he’d become America’s new sweetheart as viewers watched the first season of Jury Duty. Before the show, Ronald was just a San Diego-based project manager. After applying to a Craigslist ad about being a part of what he believed to be a documentary about jury duty, his life changed forever.

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Since the show’s become so popular, Ronald has been living his best life. Everyone — even celebrities — want a picture with Ronald! He’s met everyone from Jennifer Lawrence to Ryan Reynolds to Ken Jeong over the last several months. He starred alongside Ryan in a Mint Mobile ad that was released in May 2023.

As for what’s next for Ronald, he’s looking ahead to the future. “I am working on an unscripted show right now,” Ronald told E! News. “I’m obviously not an actor, so I’m not pursuing acting gigs. Maybe that’s a conversation we have years down the road. But I am living in the unscripted world and we’re trying to get a television show that would be authentic towards me.”

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